Watch 2019 Nissan Leafage Summation Sl Review Past Times Engadget – Video

When nosotros tell the best selling model inwards pure electrical cars, thinking goes lead to the Nissan Leaf where it has already surpassed 400,000 units worldwide inwards the minute generation of the model, from the non in addition to thence distant 2010 when it get-go appeared. 

In the video that follows from YouTube channel Engadget you tin run into a review for the Nissan Leaf Plus SL. In this review yous volition larn answers on how the Japanese electrical machine is on the road, impressions from the strongest electrical motor compared to the Leaf 40kWh, but likewise advantages in addition to disadvantages for the interior.


Description from YouTube channel Engadget :

While Tesla mightiness larn all the glory in addition to press, the Nissan Leaf is the best selling EV out there. H5N1 recent refresh brought the machine upwards to date, but it needed more. And past times more, I hateful to a greater extent than range. This is the Nissan Leaf Plus. starting at $36,550 It has to a greater extent than hit than the regular foliage of 226 miles versus the 151 of the baseline trim. It’s got the same drivers handle in addition to tech options every bit the regular Leaf in addition to feels the same behind the wheel. Which is good, but not. Well, fun.