Unbelievable Statements Yesteryear The Secretarial Assistant Full General Of The Ministry Building Of Carry Inward Greece For Electrical Cars

Some fourth dimension agone at that topographic point were some statements from the Secretary of the Ministry of Energy as well as the Environment where he argued that at that topographic point could live on an incentive of € 1,000 for the purchase of an electrical car. But a few days ago, Secretary General of the Ministry of Transport made an incredible disputation to GOCAR on how the incentives for electrical cars inwards Hellenic Republic should be.

In a snapshot of the interview, Mr. Thanos Voyrdas (Secretary General of the Ministry of Transport) proposed, with other things, instead of incentives to purchase a novel electrical car, to allow the replacement of a conventional car’s engine as well as to supplant it with an electrical motor or a motor-friendly to the surroundings !!!!. We create non know if at that topographic point actually is a misspelling of words or full ignorance nearly electrical machine applied scientific discipline but below you lot tin read the entire interview.

In what ways volition electrification live on a business office of Greece? 

It is our principal priority to motion to a vehicle fleet regime where the environmental footprint volition live on reduced. This includes electrical as well as thus nosotros are proceeding with the procedures for renewal of the urban carry fleet of both Athens as well as Thessaloniki. At the same time, nosotros legislated the possibility of electrical taxi circulation, piece the Joint Ministerial Decision (JMC) for the charging stations of electrical cars volition live on issued shortly. Sure, both electrification as well as gas traffic must live on strengthened, both limiting the environmental footprint. We are trying to ensure all the ways that tin atomic number 82 to renewal of the fleet as well as particularly to professional person classes.

Will at that topographic point live on a subsidy that volition human activeness equally an incentive to switch to electricity?

 At this fourth dimension at that topographic point is no straight subsidy for changing the vehicle. There are programs from the Ministry of Development that boost entrepreneurship yesteryear the parallel purchase of non-polluting vehicles equally good equally another engine changes. This agency that diesel fuel engines tin live on replaced with electrical motors or gas. I repeat, however, that at that topographic point is no possibility of subsidizing the modify of the conventional electric-powered vehicle, because the European Union does non let it to live on state aid. We own got proposed to the operators a specific way inwards which nosotros tin besides contribute to the physical care for of fleet renewal, but on their ain initiative.

Will the infrastructure live on installed on a someone initiative? 

This depends on what nosotros are talking about. Obviously, the infrastructure that concerns the metropolis motorcoach charging points is something that volition live on undertaken yesteryear world bodies inwards Athens as well as Thessaloniki. From as well as so on, nosotros own got discussed the concessions of roads for charging points inwards the national network. Local as well as regional regime should besides gradually help inwards this process.