The Electrical Polestar Ii Was Presented In Addition To Impressed!

Polestar unveiled its second-ever model, afterwards the impressive “1”, too it takes the shape of a 5-door fastback that gives novel important to the crossover concept. The Polestar 2 combines a lot: a fiddling coupe, a fiddling sedan, a fiddling elevated but to a greater extent than importantly too substantially, is a purely electric, premium model, amongst a relatively affordable price, plenty of ability too sufficient autonomy!

The Swedish electrical auto is powered yesteryear 2 electrical motors, ane on each axle to endure four-wheel drive. The 78 kWh battery is mounted on the flooring and, according to the company, contributes to increased stiffness too dissonance reduction of 3.7 dB compared to a conventional frame.

The plenty battery capacity is that it gives the Swedish model a arrive at of 500 km inwards the novel too to a greater extent than stringent WLTP cycle, piece the 2 electrical engines make 408 horsepower too 660 Nm of torque, which is to a greater extent than than plenty to launch the “2” at 100 km / h inwards less than five seconds.

With visit to design, Polestar’s brand-new model is … Swedish, but manages to distance itself plenty to keep its independent character. Influences from other Volvo sis models are evident both inwards the torso too inside, too it is worth mentioning that the latter is completely vegan.

Particular emphasis has too been pose on technology, amongst Polestar 2 beingness ane of the get-go cars on the marketplace to get got an amusement organisation based on Android – this means: Google Assistant, Google Maps, Google Play Store too to a greater extent than . Of course, every bit nosotros mentioned the infotainment system, nosotros tin non overlook the 11-inch touchscreen that is at the middle of the dashboard too attention!

All this is offered at an affordable cost of € 39,900 (based on the High German marketplace too taxation). The cost tin accomplish € 59,900 if the prospective client decides to cheque all the boxes on the listing of optional equipment, only every bit it costs the launch edition that volition endure available for the get-go 12 months of production.