Tesla Model Iii Vs Mercedes Amg E63 Second Vs Jeep Srt8 Drag Race

In this item Drag race, the Tesla Model iii Performance, haves definitely a tricky mission, every bit it is the Mercedes AMG E63 alongside 612 PS together with the Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8 which delivers 468 PS. The video that follows from YouTube channel nextmove you tin meet how the Tesla Model iii Performance alongside the 450 PS, manages it against the ii powerful opponents. The deviation inward horsepower compared to Mercedes is quite large merely on the other manus the instantaneous torque given yesteryear the Model iii electrical motor tin alter the balance.


Description from YouTube channel nextmove :

In this video (part 2) nosotros crusade a quarter mile drag race alongside the Tesla Model iii Performance against a Mercedes AMG due east 63 due south together with a Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8. Can the Model iii prevail against this competition?