Renewable Unloose Energy : Production Target 38 Twh Upwards To 2022 Inward Sweden

They exceeded the throttle of one GW of combined ability air current farms that were approved inwards Sweden inwards the commencement quarter of 2019, putting the province on class to double its production ability inwards air current upward to 2022. In particular, the catamenia Jan – March, lastly investment decisions were made for 1225 MW of projects, to a greater extent than than 550 MW per year, according to the Swedish Wind Energy Association.

 The Union appreciates that 2329 MW volition live the additional air current capacity to live added inwards the calendar twelvemonth 2019, bringing the full air current ability capacity to 9724 MW at the halt of the year. With the information upward to now, the production of air current turbines reaches xix TWh, spell the matrimony estimates that this release volition increase to 38 TWh upward to 2022.

Finally, it should live noted that amidst the largest projects inwards progress is the Maximus 844 MW projection of Enercon inwards the northern role of the province too which is to live position into functioning from the tertiary quarter of 2021.