Novus Electrical Motorbike Amongst Extreme Futuristic Mood!

NOVUS electrical motorbike is something especial in addition to combines the versatility of a wheel in addition to the virtues of a motorbike for utilization inside a city. The blueprint is futuristic in addition to the globe premiere made the applied scientific discipline demo inward Las Vegas. The big wages is that the frame is almost alone made of carbon fiber in addition to its weight is only 38.5 kg.

NOVUS is non simply an electrical motorcycle. NOVUS is non simply a trademark. NOVUS is convinced that nosotros tin practice things that did non be before.

It’s a creation of Rene Renger in addition to Marcus Weidig, ii of the rattling fantastic faces they met at the university. 
Rene Renger notes: “From the rattling outset 2nd nosotros noticed at that topographic point was chemical scientific discipline betwixt us. We are both passionate almost motorcycles. Marcus had the fastest, piece my ain was simply beautiful. So nosotros idea nosotros could combine both, speed in addition to beauty. We knew that it would non hold upward slow to uncovering the excogitation in addition to give it shape.

It has an electrical motor that is integrated inward the raise wheel in addition to produces a maximum of 14kw, giving at the same fourth dimension an impressive torque reaching 200NM. The battery is depression on the frame offering a depression optic of gravity in addition to its arrive at is almost 100 kilometers. While 1 sixty minutes inward the socket it is plenty to accuse the battery to 80%. The top speed is likewise 100km/h.

Organ panel does non exist. This purpose volition hold upward taken over past times the possessor of the smartphone. “The benefits of the connected, digital globe become far possible to integrate the smartphone, which tin hold upward used non only every bit a digital musical instrument display but likewise every bit a digital key,” the German linguistic communication society said.

The model is currently devoid of several components – such every bit flashlights, mirrors in addition to brake lights, which are necessary for the road. Nevertheless, at that topographic point is no uncertainty almost the charm of its compact form, in addition to therefore, at that topographic point is argue to believe that the version that comes out of production volition deserve the investment.

Lastly, the sale cost is ready at 34,500 euros earlier taxes!