New 2020 Renault Zoe Volition Accept Substantial Improvements

In the by years, Zoe did non actually accept an opponent as well as was the top seller on the sales nautical chart equally the nigh pop electrical car. Now the contest is constantly intensifying as well as the passage to the minute generation should hold upwardly substantial as well as to a greater extent […]

Renault Kz-E Volition Locomote Officially Presented At The Shanghai Motor Show

Renault officially announced the introduction of the K-ZE pocket-size electrical vehicle side past times side calendar week at the Shanghai Motor Show. The get-go sentiment nosotros got from the K-ZE Concept at the Paris Motor Show lastly fall, is the get-go electrical vehicle of the build destined for China, but it volition non simply live […]

Renault Urban Pith K-Ze : The World Premiere Inward China

At a press conference at the Shanghai Motor Show, Thierry Bollor√©, Managing Director of Groupe Renault, presented a clear route map in addition to high ambitions for the Group inwards China past times 2022: a target of 550,000 units a twelvemonth amongst Drive the Future. Groupe Renault opens a novel chapter of Renault’s history inwards […]

Renault Ez-Flex: Urban Delivery Specialty

Renault EZ-FLEX is launching a novel collaborative, innovative as well as unprecedented approach to amend empathize the novel challenges of the final mile tradition. Renault EZ-FLEX volition experiment amongst diverse professionals inwards Europe to assemble all relevant information to amend empathize the needs of everyday urban delivery. It is a compact as well as versatile […]

Mercedes Plans To Goal Cooperate Amongst Renault/Nissan

As business office of an extensive damage reduction plan, Daimler could intermission its human relationship amongst Renault-Nissan. This concerns the central of engines, models too factories. In a few weeks, at that spot volition hold upwards a alter inward Daimler’s head. Ola K√§llenius volition direct maintain over from Dieter Zetsche. And he already knows his […]

New Renault Kangoo Z.E. Concept Has A Contemporary Design

Renault amongst the Kangoo ZE Concept gives us a offset “picture” of the novel professional person VAN, in addition to is expected to striking the markets somewhere inwards 2020. Representing the vision of a mobile workshop, it tin dismiss accommodate to changes inwards working in addition to mobility. Kangoo Z.E. Concept features contemporary pattern to […]

Watch Renault Cars Development From 1893 Until 2019

The French society Renault holds a leading pose inwards the global vehicle industry, as well as fifty-fifty inwards 2018 the Renault Group Alliance was on top of sales inwards rider cars. In the Video that follows YouTube channel Cars Day, y’all tin run across the exciting course of written report as well as development of […]

Renault Twingo Electric: Nosotros Run Into It Inwards Production? Mayhap Not

In the twelvemonth 2008 Renault began the evolution of the Edison platform. This architecture for urban cars (Category A) had equally specificity the mechanical organisation (rear engine in addition to movement), a solution that nosotros seldom run into today, which withal had a swell wages inward urban cars: equally the wheels volition Could revolve much […]

Renault Presents The Autonomous Populace Carry System

Renault, together amongst several French technology too carry companies, designed a self-contained world carry arrangement on the Paris-Saclay campus. Offering a self-guided black omnibus from midnight to 3am too 3 autonomous, custom-made Renault Zoe during the day, the projection shows which electrical flow levels of autonomous technology are capable of a relatively Controlled environment. The […]