This 2011 Nissan Foliage Has Unexpectedly Large Battery Degradation

Battery degradation It’s non something unknown almost electrical cars as well as depending on the technology scientific discipline that incorporates within the motorcar each manufacturer. The battery drain volition be until the technology scientific discipline is discovered inwards the battery where it volition permanently solve the problem. In the special Nissan Leaf, which is 2011 […]

Nissan Leafage Prevailed Comfortably Inward Europe

Sales of the award-winning, purely electrical Nissan Leaf are ascension across Europe, every bit buyers for electrical vehicles (EVs) are growing amongst unabated intensity. Kingdom of Norway is a particular marketplace seat for Leaf, where almost buyers pick out an EV, compared to whatever other novel car.  More than 12,000 Leafs accept been sold to […]

Nissan Trains Blue Planet On Electrical Cars

Although global need for electrical cars is growing rapidly, in that place are besides many consumers out in that place who are unaware of the benefits of electrification. For this reason, Nissan has launched a serial of educational tv set serial to improve inform earth nearly electrical vehicles. Yutaka Sanada, Nissan regional vice president for […]

2018 Nissan Foliage Vs 2013 Nissan Foliage – Accept Mutual Points?

The Nissan Leaf 2018 is a huge stride forwards for the Japanese company, compared to the as well as thence first-generation Nissan Leaf where introduced inwards 2011. In the video followed past times YouTube teslaservice.kiev channel y’all tin run into the differences betwixt a Nissan Leaf of 2018 as well as the first-generation Leaf that is […]

Snow Driving Amongst 2018 Nissan Foliage – Video

Driving on snowfall needs exceptional treatment from the driver’s seat, in addition to wintertime tires are necessary inwards hard wintertime conditions. In this video from YouTube channel EV Revolution, y’all tin run across how Nissan Leaf behaves inwards the tough Canadian wintertime on the snowy roads of Ontario. Nissan electrical motorcar wears wintertime tires, amongst […]

Nissan To Stops The Diesel Fuel Nv200 Thank You Lot To Electrical E-Nv200

The NV200 Diesel is expected to halt from Nissan past times the summertime of 2019, produced inwards Barcelona, ​​Spain, in addition to i of the primary reasons is that the purely electrical e-NV200. Upon upgrading amongst the largest 40kWh battery, the electrical e-NV200 is to a greater extent than in addition to to a greater […]

Waymo Volition Operate Alongside Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi

Waymo, the autonomous-driving technology scientific discipline vehicle company, is inwards advanced conversations alongside Renault, Nissan Motor Co. as well as Mitsubishi Motors Corp to create autonomous-driving taxis as well as other services using autonomous-driving vehicles.   This collaboration is expected to endure announced side past times side month. Waymo has previously announced negotiations alongside Fiat Chrysler Automobiles NV as well as […]

Nissan Leafage Vs Vw E-Golf On A Wintertime Route

Nissan Leaf together with Volkswagen e-Golf are 2 electrical cars belonging to the same category. The Leaf is a model of 2018 together with features a 40kWh battery spell the Volkswagen has a 35.8kWh battery. Bjørn Nyland quotes a video that lasts close 53 minutes together with shows how the 2 cars behaved on this […]

Nissan Leafage Achieved 40,609 Sales Inwards Europe 2018

Pure electrical cars accept been gaining solid put down from plug-in hybrids Nissan Leaf succeeded inwards 2018 as well as climbed to the exceed spot of European sales, but facing a erstwhile champion which is known every bit Renault Zoe. The French electrical machine proved to endure a tough competitor for the cousin model, eventually taking minute […]

Nissan Leafage E Addition Surpassed 3,000 Orders Inward Europe

The novel LEAF e+ 3.ZERO models volition characteristic both e-Pedal too ProPILOT Nissan expands on electrical cars options too it’s been ane calendar month since it introduced the upgraded version of the Nissan Leaf amongst the largest 62kWh battery. The e + 3.Zero Limited Edition every bit it is called the novel model has already […]