Watch Hyundai Kona 204 Ps Electrical Not Terminate Acceleration

How long does the Hyundai Kona Electric attain its ultimate speed? According to official data, it makes 0-100 km/h inwards 7.6 seconds, amongst the tumble out speed reaching 167 km/h. In the video below yous tin encounter how many seconds the Kona Electric has managed to cash inwards one’s chips to the tumble out speed, […]

Hyundai Kona Electrical Vs Kia Niro Ev Efficiency Examination On Autobahn

The Hyundai kona Electric along amongst the Kia Niro EV are 2 remarkable SUVs amongst around mutual points as well as around differences that brand them stand upward out. Cousins ​​could say, they bring remarkable electrical autonomy, as well as inwards the video you lot tin sentry adjacent on the nextmove YouTube channel, you’ll give-up […]

Watch Hyundai Kona Electrical Brusk Attain Exam Inwards -2C

How does Kona electrical response to mutual coldness nearly -2 degrees Celsius? It is known that electrical attain on electrical vehicles inwards a “difficult” wintertime is decreasing during the journey, since the driver must activate the heating that consumes plenty pores from the batteries. In the video that follows from YouTube The EV Puzzle channel you lot […]

Hyundai Motor Grouping Inward Eighth Set Every Bit An Electrical Manufacturer

Hyundai Motor Group has managed to decease into the run past times 10 companies alongside the largest portion inwards the electrical automobile marketplace past times displacing Volkswagen. Specifically, Hyundai took the eighth house past times selling 90,860 hybrid as well as electrical cars worldwide. It took vi whole years for the Hyundai Motor Group to […]

Watch Hyundai Kona Electrical 64 Kwh Acceleration – Video

Hyundai Kona Electric was released inward piece of cake 2018 in addition to includes ii battery sizes, the largest is 64 kWh. The Kona Electric battery uses an active liquid cooling system, in addition to for the acceleration of 0-100km/h needs 7.6 seconds. In the next video y’all tin meet how the Kona Electric accelerates […]

Watch Hyundai Kona Electrical 64Kwh Review – Video

The Kona Electric is a compact SUV in addition to is available inwards 2 versions alongside depression in addition to high autonomy. The basic model alongside depression autonomy comes alongside a 39.2 kWh battery that allows for a 289 km autonomy alongside a unmarried charge. The same version comes alongside a 99 kW electrical motor […]

5 Long-Range Electrical Cars Exam Inward The Mutual Depression Temperature Norwegian Winter

In Kingdom of Norway pure electrical cars are especially popular, together with inwards combination alongside plug-in electrical inwards 2018 they bring surpassed upwardly to 50% of the market. The Norwegian Electric Vehicle Association lately conducted a big exam inwards hard wintertime weather alongside v long-range SUVs were the protagonists. The electrical cars were the Audi […]

Hyundai Kona Ev Too Chevrolet Bolt Ev : What Are The Differences On A Trip?

There are ii pure electrical cars where their technical characteristics are unopen enough. The Bolt EV features a 60kWh battery that supplies an electrical motor amongst a 200 hp (149 kW) output together with a torque of 361 Nm. On the other hand, the novel thespian inward electrical cars, Hyundai Kona Electric has the top-of-the-line […]

Hyundai Shows Us The Futurity Steering Wheel

The steering bike inwards cars has non changed for many years in addition to normally conduct maintain several ergonomic switches to tending the driver non distract the road. But what would yous tell if impact screens are placed on it? And yeς! Hyundai did this yesteryear sketching the “cockpit” of the future. It is an […]

Hyundai Experimenting Alongside A Smartphone-Based Digital Key

Hyundai is moving into approximately other application past times replacing the traditional substitution amongst a “digital” that tin hold out downloaded through an app too used past times upward to iv authorized people. Each user tin download the digital substitution through a mobile shout out upward application, too Near Field Communication (NFC) detects the presence of […]