Ford Wants To Launch A Full-Electric F-150

As the marketplace evolves, fifty-fifty the leader of a item category has to follow. Not alone is Ford aware of this, but has been good prepared for the side past times side few years, it volition launch both the hybrid F-150 in addition to the pure electric, amongst the latter operating inwards reply to upcoming […]

Ford Volition Found A Novel Mill For Autonomous Models Inwards The Us

Over the final few years, Ford has expanded to several parts of the the United States of America past times testing its autonomous vehicles. One of them is the majuscule of the country, Washington. Now, the companionship is ready to require keep about other large step. In particular, the manufacturer volition laid upwards a novel […]

Ford Mach I Amongst 600Km Electrical Autonomy

Ford announced an electrical SUV alongside influences from Mustang together with named “Mach 1” inwards Jan 2018 but since together with so nosotros create got learned that it volition belike non endure that mention of the brand-new model. However, it tin at 1 time endure said that this SUV volition create got a attain of […]

Ford Enters Into Electrification Past Times Investing Inwards Rivian $500 1000000

Two pure electrical models, a 7-seater SUV named R1S as well as a 5-seater pickup called R1T presented past times Rivian at the Los Angeles Auto Show inwards the belatedly 2018. Both are based on a highly flexible “skateboard” platform. On the same platform that, equally announced amongst every formality, Ford volition role for the […]