Audi Is Edifice A Solar Common At The Gyor Production Constitute Inwards Hungary

One of the largest solar parks to hold upwards installed inward a building, manufactures Audi of a amount expanse of ​​160,000 foursquare meters. This detail projection is beingness done on the roof of the production establish that the companionship has been belongings for years inward Gyor, Hungary. When the projection is completed it volition hold […]

Audi E-Tron Suv : Worse Than Expected The Electrical Autonomy

Audi, inwards its outset endeavour at an integrated electrical car, seems to live on facing or then problems where, inwards add-on to the production delay, the electrical attain of the novel e-tron does non completely mirror the actual measurements. With its commercial launch ahead of the gate, the USA Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) today announced […]

Audi Electrical Car Advertising : E-Tron Is Non For You, Or Is It Finally?

Audi manages to spur consumers consciences amongst highly imaginative advertisements, such as E-tron GT. Audi America has posted on its channel the start promotion for e-tron where based on contrary psychology, where tries to trace organization the populace on the footing of the primary problems currently faced past times pure electrical cars. Audi launched a […]

Audi Reveals Ai:Me Concept

Manufacturers are specially neat on their essay to present us the hereafter they are envisioning for us, together with Audi volition acquaint at the Shanghai motor show, around other electrical paradigm called AI: me Concept. But since the exhibition opens its doors inwards a few days, the German linguistic communication companionship has released around sketches […]

Audi E-Tron : Reduced Production Due To Batteries Shortages

Audi has already begun production of E-Tron together with has perish the starting fourth dimension trades inward approximately European markets. According to a recent study past times the Belgian paper L’Echo, Audi volition attain close 10,000 less e-tron inward 2019 compared to its initial forecast at the vehicle production unit of measurement it maintains inward […]