Audi Officially Unveiled The Ai:Me Concept Electrical Car

The High German companionship amongst this electrical paradigm wants to present how it sees cars for moving to the large cities of the future. The Audi AI:me is powered yesteryear a 65 kWh battery as well as a modern electrical engine that produces 170 horsepower as well as is located on the bring upwards axle, without declaring the electrical gain of the model.

The concept of Audi AI:me has a full length of 4.3 meters, width 1.9 meters as well as meridian 1.52 meters. The large wheelbase of 2.77 meters allowed Audi to maximize the interior infinite as well as trim down the forepart as well as bring upwards bumps. The Audi AI:me has been designed amongst a autonomous driving iv marking , which way it tin give the axe survive driven inwards nigh cases without driver assistance.

Inside it has a lot of futuristic mood as well as the woods participates inwards several places spell it has a traditional handlebar as well as pedal, inwards illustration the driver needs to lead keep control. We volition too uncovering ii forepart seats as well as a unmarried topographic point on the rear. The Audi AI: me has large wheels as well as inwards the bring upwards the traditional lights lead keep non been replaced yesteryear a lite bar located within the bring upwards window. Finally, in that location is a large e-tron dot inwards the bring upwards bumper.