Audi Is Edifice A Solar Common At The Gyor Production Constitute Inwards Hungary

One of the largest solar parks to hold upwards installed inward a building, manufactures Audi of a amount expanse of ​​160,000 foursquare meters. This detail projection is beingness done on the roof of the production establish that the companionship has been belongings for years inward Gyor, Hungary. When the projection is completed it volition hold upwards the largest photovoltaic organisation always installed inward a edifice inward Europe.

Audi Hungaria’s Chairman of the Board of Directors has stated:

We are committed to keeping the environmental touching of our production equally depression equally possible. About 70% of Audi Hungaria’s thermal requirements are already covered past times geothermal energy, which is climate neutral. Our destination is to fully piece of employment the zero-emission establish inward the future

This photovoltaic organisation volition hold upwards able to piece of employment amongst a amount of 35,000 solar cells as well as an annual electricity output of to a greater extent than than 9.5 GWh) – a figure corresponding to the annual unloosen energy needs of 5,000 households.