Audi Expected To Introduce A Modest Electrical Suv Inward Geneva

A novel member, the 3rd inward a row, is expected to add together Audi to its “e-tron” identify unit of measurement of vehicles, alongside the presentation of a small, SUV electrical at the Geneva Motor Show. This model follows the e-tron SUV too e-tron GT targeting the upper terminate of their categories, too volition hold upwards faced alongside proposals such every bit the Tesla Model Y, the purely electrical version of the Volvo XC40 too its famed pocket-size SUV Mercedes-Benz scheduled for 2019.

The novel e-tron volition hold upwards the electrical blood brother of Q3 but alongside roughly aces inward his sleeve. It volition convey an wages that allows the MEB architecture that the High German companionship uses too places all “mechanical” (batteries, electrical motors, cooling system, etc.) at the base of operations of the platform, releasing a pregnant infinite higher for the rider cabin . 

Practically, this way that piece the e-tron volition convey like dimensions to Q3, rider too luggage compartments volition hold upwards comparable to those of Q5. As far every bit blueprint is concerned, nosotros hold off a mix of the “identity” of Audi’s measure models alongside the information nosotros convey already seen inward its other electrics. 

Strangely for an Audi, nosotros produce non know the administration the cabin blueprint volition follow. However, inward the forthcoming Geneva report, Audi volition likely acquaint a epitome “pre-production” rather than the concluding product. This volition hold upwards launched inward 2020.