Audi E-Tron Suv Cause Impressions – Video

Audi amongst e-tron wants to redefine the concept of an electrical motorcar yesteryear presenting a consummate set, amongst a blueprint that is inward describe amongst the other models of the build that accept an internal combustion engine. In the video that follows from YouTube channel Sean Mitchell you lot tin run across the offset impressions yesteryear looking within in addition to exterior the electrical car.


Description from YouTube channel Sean Mitchell :

First Impressions: Audi e-tron


It seems to last positioned size wise betwixt the Q5 in addition to Q7. The e-tron is shorter inward length than the Q5, but non every bit broad or tall every bit the Q7 in addition to Q8.

e-tron: 193″ L x 76″ due west x 66″ H (cm : 490 L x 193 due west x 168 H)

Q5: 184″ L x 75″ due west x 65″ H (cm: 467 L x 191 due west x 165 H)

Q7: 200″ L x 78″ due west x 69″ H (cm: 508 L x 198 due west x 175 H)

Q8: 197″ L x 79″ due west x 67″ H (cm: 500 L x 200 due west x 170 H)

For comparison

e-tron: 193″ L x 76″ due west x 66″ H (cm : 490 L x 193 due west x 168 H)

Model X: 198″ L x 79″ due west x 66″ H (cm: 503 L x 201 due west x 168 H)

Jaguar I-Pace: 184″ L x 75″ due west x 61″ H (cm: 467 L x 191 due west x 155 H)


It looks similar an Audi. For somebody coming from a petrol powered Audi, this motorcar volition await real familiar. They’ve kept a similar front end grill, door handles, 10” (25 cm) infotainment display, MMI haptic feedback, MyAudi mobile app, Quattro AWD, in addition to heads upward display.


150 kW DC accuse rate

95 kWh battery

1,000 kWh of costless charging through Electrify America’s fast-growing charging network

0-60 mph (0-100 kph) inward 5.5 sec

5 bird air suspension

4,000 lbs towing capacity (1,814 kg)

Total motor ability output is 300 kW or 400 horsies

Audi has non announced official EPA arrive at but European WLPT arrive at is said to last N of 249 miles (400 km). When Jaguar quoted their WLPT arrive at at 292 miles (470 km), EPA arrive at ended upward existence 20% less. Using that same estimate, the e-tron would milkshake out to N of 200 miles (322 km) but probable non every bit high every bit 250 miles (402 km).

Creature Comforts:

Their top cease e-tron package, Prestige, offers a host of beast comforts like

Ventilated sears amongst massage function

Top bird leather

Bang in addition to Olufsen audio system

Heads upward display

Retractable shade for the panoramic Sun roof

Customizable accent lighting


Pricing for the entry bird packet begins at merely nether $75,000 without manufacturing industrial plant life add-ons or whatever federal or solid set down taxation incentives.

Curb weight is close 5,600 lbs (2,540 kg), which agency the gross vehicle weight should last higher upward 6,000 lbs in addition to unlock the $25,000 trouble organization ‘Hummer Tax Credit’ inward the US.

First impressions:

It’s a actually fantabulous motorcar when factoring inward the total offering.

Range in addition to efficiency is non every bit neat at Tesla’s Model X but it far exceeds Tesla inward fit, finish, in addition to beast comforts.

I’m non terribly crazy close the dual concealment arrangement every bit it seems at that topographic point is about redundancy. That existence said, I empathize Audi has to remember close streamlining manufacturing across their entire vehicle describe upward in addition to attracting their electrical flow client base of operations amongst something they are familiar with.

Charging infrastructure in addition to network from the infotainment was either buried inward the bill of fare or non-existent. This, however, is a uncomplicated software update on Audi’s end. Most people’s charging needs inward the e-tron volition last met amongst habitation charging in addition to the current, in addition to speedily growing, CCS charging network across the US.

Thank you:

A big cheers to Audi USA for their invite to their Denver dealership events, in addition to a especial cheers to Prestige Imports Audi ( for giving me early on access to the e-tron for filming.